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Technimed, Thermofocus

Technimed, Thermofocus review

RRP: £59.99
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Thermofocus is the first non contact (at-distance) clinical forehead thermometer in the world, result of a series of international patents. Thermofocus is the no touch thermometer, designed to allow you to take your baby's temperature without even touching him. Thermofocus is perfect for children and adults alike, as the measurement is quick, precise, hygienic, safe.


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  • Rating: 9.0 / 10
      HappyFi, Mother of 1, North Yorkshire
    8 Dec 2011 2:25pm
    I have been using this thermometer for a couple of weeks now and it is making life so much easier to when taking my sons temperature. Once you get the hang of aligning the laser lights to form one circle on the surface to take the temperature its a breeze to use and literally takes a second to get a consistent temperature reading. Initially my son loved to look at the lights so would tip his head to follow them, not ideal when trying to aim on his forhead but now he sits still and I can take his temperature without disturbing him when asleep which is a bonus. It effectively takes all types of temperatures and I have used it to test liquid temps and general room temps and bath water, this is a breeze as you literally aim and press ok. I would say it measures slightly higher than my standard digital thermometre however I have full confidence with the readings obtained from this as readings are very consistent. It seems a little chunky but is very lightweight and fits into my change bag side pockets and has a protective lid to prevent damage when not in use. The only downside is that the digital screen does not light up so you need a secondary light source if you are taking a nightime temperature in a darkened room. I will be using this thermometer with confidence for many years, not only on my young son, but anyone else in the house who may need it and if I need to know a general temperature. For peace of mind, ease and speed of use this is a great all round thermometer.