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Avent, Baby Monitor SCD530

Avent, Baby Monitor SCD530 review

RRP: £100.00

This is a fab new, top of the range monitor from Avent with temperature and humidity sensors (what will they think of next)!  The monitor has a zero interference guarantee so you can't listen to what your neighbours are up to; a humidity sensor to keep your baby's room at optimum humidity; the parent unit is rechargeable but then lasts for 24hrs and you can turn the sound off and just use the light display; 330m reception range so good for around the home and in the garden.

What the Media Says...

 This is an excellent piece of kit which is simple to set-up and use, and it works. The features include a night light, humidity and temperature readings, music (5 lullabies which only play for a set period of time and, hopefully, the baby is asleep by the time they finish), a baby monitor and a walkie-talkie so you can talk to your child through it (which I haven't actually used). It consists of a small base station and a re-chargeable carry around unit, all connected wirelessly. 


 The Philips Avent is a fine baby monitor and offers most of the feature of the BT Digital, and a few more, such as humidity monitoring - although I'm not entirely sure what the point of this is. Aesthetically, it is well built, but you could hardly call it stylish. And it is 40% more expensive than the BT model I had previously used - but is it 40% better? Well, to be honest, no; it's about the same. This is a fine product, but question marks need to be asked about the price. 



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  • Rating: 6.5 / 10
      Clare, Mother of 2, London
    18 Feb 2010 8:11pm
    Ordered this online and just received it - and it's much smaller and neater than it looks on the packaging. My DS is prone to chesty coughs so it's been interesting to watch the fluctuating humidity monitor - not least cos the weather has been so changeable. great idea.