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6Vitamin, Energy Vitamin Shot

6Vitamin, Energy Vitamin Shot review

RRP: £2.50
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6Vitaminshot is the UK’s first 'super-dose' and sugar free, daily vitamin shot. Packed with 6 essential vitamins and amino acids, with natural ingredients that offer key benefits that will help support energy release, help with concentration, reduce tiredness and fatigue, support the immune system and improve mental function and performance - the perfect product to get through a long and busy day for a mummy on the go!

Containing vitamins B12 and Pantothenic acid. Acai Berry flavour, with sweetner.

Created by created by Cheryl Carter.


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  • Rating: 8.0 / 10
    7 Jan 2015 5:09pm

    I tried a few of these energy shots in the run up to Christmas (I was also suffering from a cold at the time) and I think they really helped me through my mornings. The taste is quite sweet and pleasant, and I would have one with my breakfast of a morning to wake me up. I did find they gave me a perk, I think the fact that it tastes quite sweet and smells sweet and fruit like may have helped to give me the idea that it would perk me up too. As I sometimes eat breakfast on the go, having one of these on my way to work made me feel like I was putting some good into my body (even if I was having a slightly unhealthy breakfast muffin alongside it!).

    I would buy these regularly in future if I found them in my local deli or health food store as I think they are a a good quick pick-me-up. My only reservation is the current £2.50 price tag per bottle.