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Spinbrush, Kid's

Spinbrush, Kid's review

RRP: £5.99

Brushing needn't be a bore with these fun, personaliseable tootbrushes.

With over 140 stickers, kids can get creative with these battery powered spinbrushes. Despite the novelty value, these are good quality toothbrushes and the packaging will make a tedious chore a little bit more palatable.

The brushes are supplied with AAA batteries which are included. The head is, unfortunately, not replaceable, so it has a similar life-span to that of the humble, manual toothbrush, however they are certainly a lot more flamboyant than standard brushes.

What the Media Says...

 The spinbrush helps them brush better by having the brush circulate with the push of a button (or in this case a purple jewel that you push). And the fact that they can decorate it to fit their style and you have a true winner. Each of my girls had so much fun decorating them and then couldn't wait to use them. It comes with stickers that adhere well to the toothbrush, and include letters so they can put their name on it. I thought this might be just the novelty of a "new" toothbrush. But, we've had them for 4 days now and they still want to brush their teeth more now than ever. So, it's a win win for everyone. 

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  • Rating: 10.0 / 10
      evahnt, Mother of 1, West Midlands
    5 Oct 2011 9:21pm
    This spinbrush is such a great product for parents as it appeals to children’s sense of fun, and allows kids to associate their twice-daily brush with enjoyment and playfulness. Not only does the My Way Spinbrush ensure young teeth are given a thorough clean for healthy teeth and gums, it can also give parents a helping hand by making the all-too-often bathroom battles hassle-free.
  • Rating: 9.0 / 10
      Gemma12, West Sussex
    4 Oct 2011 10:19am
    At first my little one was not sure, as she has only ever used a normal toothbrush. However, after sticking all her stickers onto it she soon decided she wanted to use it instead! Seems to work really well, think it cleans alot better than a normal toothbrush... easier for her to do it herself and i know that it will clean it properly. Think it may be a little expensive having to buy new bits every 3 months, but maybe it will be worth it for having peace of mind that her teeth are being cleaned properly :)
  • Rating: 9.0 / 10
      fiffes, Mother of 3, West Scotland
    28 Sep 2011 9:28pm
    This is brilliant. My daughter loves brushing her teeth, and combined with stickers it has made all her dreams come true. " of her favourite things at the same time. The beauty of the spinbrush, is that my daughter wont use as much toothpaste. Before the arrival of this brush, she would use most of the tube of toothpaste on her brush. Now, after I told her that it will stop the brush working, she uses the correct amount - and NO more! Even better, having her own spinbrush, she no longer steals our electric toothbrushes. It is a nice size for her little hands to hold and makes her teeth nice and clean, even when she brushes her own teeth. The stickers stay put too, unfortunately we find them all over the house. Down sides to the brush,are my daughter loves it too much .Everything gets brushed, including her 6 month old twin's faces, hands and gums ( no teeth there yet). Also the fact you have to replace everything makes it a little expensive every 3 months, on saying that for the quality of brush her teeth get I would probably buy it for her. Can see me having to buy 3 of these every few months very soon.
  • Rating: 10.0 / 10
      Shell74, Mother of 2, Warwickshire
    19 Sep 2011 9:20pm
    The spinbrush is an excellent way to make teeth cleaning fun. It was getting a bit of a chore with our manual toothbrush but when our spinbrush arrived my daughter couldn't wait to put on the stickers and get brushing. Teethbrushing is now much easier. We'll certainly be buying one when this one is through :)