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Feeding and Weaning - Toddler Drinking Cups

Born Free, BornFree Toddler Drinking Cup

Born Free, BornFree Toddler Drinking Cup review
  • Born Free, BornFree Toddler Drinking Cup review
  • Born Free Toddler Drinking Cup
  • Born Free Toddler Drinking Cup
  • Born Free Toddler Drinking Cup

RRP: £6.99

This toddler drinking cup is also made from BPA-Free plastic and has hard spout and a low vacuum valve, allowing a free flow of liquid and reducing the risk of middle-ear infections. Suitable for 9+ months. Available in Blue, Green, Pink and Yellow.


Reviews in chronological order (Total 3 comments)

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  • Rating: 8.0 / 10
      emmijazz, Mother of 2, Essex
    29 Sep 2010 2:29pm

    This product is really easy to assemble compared to the anti-colic drinking bottles which are quite frankly a pain. There is only one anti-colicky bit which fits into the rim rather than a pipe that fits into a holder that fits into an inner rim and then fits into the bottle and so on. With the Born-free there is less to wash-up/sterilise and it is easy for baby-sitters/family to get the hang of when they are doing a feed for you.

    It does not leak and it is very robust when thrown on the floor. It also has handles that can be removed which is good as my 1 year old prefers to hold the cup as if it is a bottle rather than by its handles.

    A Little Story:

    My baby was not keen to go from breast to bottle until we discovered the ‘closer to nature’ big teats shaped like a mother’s boob. I experimented with smaller teat sizes but to no avail. I am keen now that he is one years old to get him to drink his morning and evening milk feeds from the Born Free cup rather than his ‘closer to nature’ bottle becos he is keen to feed himself (which is fine) but the bottle leaks when thrown to the floor. (not so fine.) Currently he only drinks water from the Born Free mug – I’ll keep trying.

  • Rating: 9.0 / 10
      mylosmummy, Mother of 1, Kent
    30 Aug 2010 2:32pm

    After having a few problems putting the bottles together correctly we discovered there was a leak, on the second training bottle we used there was no leak and my son took to it with great ease.

    After trying many training cups this is the first that has been successful, it was easy for my son to hold, and easy to drink from with very little spillage.   The colours made it more appealing to him, and he very rarely put it down until he had finished the contents. 

    The bottle itself was easy to clean, and easy to assemble after we got used to it. My son has always had problems with winding and we found that after using this he was able to bring it up himself a lot easier, after 17 months this was very pleasing. I would definately reccomend these bottles to friends and family with small children.
    leakproof 4/5
    easy to use 5/5
    easy to clean 5/5
    easy to assemble 4/5

  • Rating: 8.5 / 10
      charlimonster, Mother of 1, Norfolk
    29 Jun 2010 2:24pm

    I tested the Born Free cups with my son Taylor who is 14 months old, having tried several tippy cups with no success, when the trial for these popped up I thought it was worth a shot. I am happy to say that Taylor has taken to them with no problems at all, which is a huge relief to me as pressure from the health visitor to get him off the bottle has now stopped. I'm proud to say that I have finally managed to throw away Taylors bottles.

    The cups themselves are nice a chunky and suitable for use when playing. The spout is quite long in comparison to other tippy cups and requires less pressure to use, similar to a bottle, which has helped taylor to make the transition. The bottles are difficult to clean with the sponge brush provided especially if there is anything caked on (inside) as the sponge I felt was not abrasive enough. I don't really understand why there is an anti-colic device as part of the cup as Taylor hasn't had colic since the age of 5 months, and tippy cups aren't used until about a year old.
    The colic part is just another part to clean and assemble in my view but it is easy to do so not a real chore, and definately worth the effort as Taylor loves them. The tippy cups are BPA-free, I don't understand what all that means and what the deal is but I'm guessing its a good thing then therefore an added bonus.

    Leakproof 4/5 They do dribble a little bit.
    Easy to use 5/5
    Easy to clean 3/5
    Easy to assemble 5/5