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Feeding and Weaning - Sterilizers

Tommee Tippee, Steam Steriliser

Tommee Tippee, Steam Steriliser review

RRP: £40.85

The Tommee Tippee steam steriliser holds 6 Closer to Nature bottles, teats, the dome tops as well as the tube attachments for the anti-colic bottles and has just a 5 minute run time.  There’s a single push button which glows orange when switched on and goes off when the cycle is finished five minutes later (although you need to allow three minutes to cool down).


What the Media Says...

 I love my tommee tippee electronic steam steriliser. It's so easy to use and does the job really well. It also came with lots of useful things including a brush. Also they're often on special offer so you can pick them up for much less than the RPP. 


 This is my third child, have previously had Avent bottles and steam steriliser however this time the Closer to Nature bottles appealed to me because of the non BPA content and reviews saying they were better for combined breastfeeding. The Avent steriliser does not fit the Closer to Nature bottles in very neatly as they are too wide. The top half of the steriliser lifts off to poor water in to the base unit to produce the steam, however when you do this water poors out of the bottom of the top unit and gets everywhere. On the plus side the oval shape makes this unit slightly more compact than the Avent 



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