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Feeding and Weaning - Sterilizers

Mothercare, POD Steam Steriliser

Mothercare, POD Steam Steriliser review

RRP: £19.99

The Mothercare POD steam steriliser is quick and easy to use - sterilising any manufacturer's bottles in just 8 minutes. There is an LCD display which keeps you informed of progress.  Included in the price (which makes it very good value)

  • 6 x 240ml closer feeding™ bottles
  • 3 x 120ml closer feeding™ bottles
  • 1 x 240ml closer feeding™ steriliser bottle
  • 2 x medium flow teats
  • 2 x anticolic rings
  • Bottle warmer, sponge end bottle brush, milk powder dispenser, bottle/teat brush and tongs

What the Media Says...

 The design is very funky and looks better than my other steriliser in my kitchen. Althgouth the four clips for the lid are a little fiddly to do up if you do not line the lid up correctly, but it is a good safety feature and I have not seen this on any other steriliser.


 With a possible 2-minute sterilisation cycle, and ability to hold six bottles of any brand with ease, the Mothercare microwave steriliser pod sounds as space age as it looks. However, it’s not as compact as it appears. 



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