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Feeding and Weaning - Sterilizers

Milton, Cold Water Steriliser

Milton, Cold Water Steriliser review

RRP: £19.99

For an easy way to sterilise feeding equipment you can just put them in a bucket with Milton tablets or fluid.  The items do take longer to sterilise than a steam steriliser, but you don't need electricity or to wait another cycle.  Many mums find this an "eco" option because it uses no power.

What the Media Says...

 I have used a Milton cold water steriliser with Milton fluid for the last 4 months. I think it is fantastic, the main advantages are that you can sterilise pretty much anything e.g. bits of my breast pump and that you don't have to run another cycle just to sterilse the single iten that you have used. When we go away we use it to transport the bottles etc and we don't need to worry about power points or whether there is a microwave. I love it! 


 Milton Sterilising Fluid is fantastic for ensuring that your babies' bottles are clean and sterile. When my son was first born I tried breastfeeding so would use a steam steriliser for all of my equipment. After persevering for a while we moved onto bottles which was great knowing that baby was feeding well but also so time consuming when it came to washing and sterilising bottles. After a few weeks I tried Milton sterilising fluid... What a difference! 



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