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Feeding and Weaning - Sterilizers

Avent, Express Steam Sterilizer

Avent, Express Steam Sterilizer review

RRP: £59.99
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The Philips Avent Steam machine sterilises up to 6 Philips AVENT Airflex bottles or the Avent ISIS breast pump and accessories in approximately 6 minutes and items remain sterile for 6 hours, if unopened.  It also keeps contents sterile by continuously repeating the cycle every 6 hours for a 24 hour period.  Plus the upper and lower basket can be fastened together to use in the dishwasher.


What the Media Says...

 The reason I choose the Avent Express Steam sterilizer is because at the time I had heard alot of good things about Avent and wanted to try it for myself, and have found that I have been very pleased with my choice. If this does ever go wrong, I would buy the same again. Ok it does take up a bit of room on the side, but that's it. 


 The Avent Express Steam Steriliser does exactly what it says on the box. Great value for money and they throw in a few free bottles aswell. Must de-scale every 4 weeks as they recommend, I would suggest every 3 weeks if you live in a hard water area. I have used mine through 2 babies now and it is still going strong and now being used by my friend, it has never let me down. 



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  • Rating: 10.0 / 10
      mummyov4, Mother of 4, Merseyside
    11 Dec 2010 12:21pm
    fantastic steamer i have used avent steamer for all 4 ov my children and the bottles are just as fab the avent bottle all fit in neatly and nicely and still have a lill more room to just pop the dummys in between the gaps love it x
  • Rating: 8.0 / 10
      Hannah, Mother of 3, Cheshire
    11 Mar 2010 12:22pm

    This steam steriliser is great.Im steaming my twins bottles once a day and im happy to use it is quick, simplky to use and just great.