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Feeding and Weaning - Breastpumps (manual)

Avent, Manual Single Breastpump

Avent, Manual Single Breastpump review

RRP: £44.99
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This breast pump has a patented let-down massage cushion. It is easy to assemble and use. It has been clinically tested.

What the Media Says...

 I mostly used this pump to store milk "just in case" and to pump while I was away from baby. I found it somewhat hard to pump unless I was really full and it was also kind of messy. It was convenient to travel with because it is small and light weight. Overall I found the pump to be fairly easy to use, convenient, and a good value for use a couple times per week. 

buzillions.com 3/5

 I loved this pump! It was the first I ever bought and used. I had a wonderful experience. With my second child I could afford a much more expensive electric pump. After using that for a day I went back to my avent hand held!!! if i am ever blessed with another child i will be pulling this out of storage:] enjoy!!! 

toyrus.com 5/5


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  • Rating: 9.5 / 10
      Tidgymum, Mother of 1, Hertfordshire
    30 Jan 2011 10:25pm
    Bought this after having an electric pump. Electric was good but this was great when I did not want to be attached to the mains! It worked brilliantly and I was very happy with the options for storage pots for the milk as well as the variety of interchangable parts that go with the pots and bottles. Being mostly dishwasher safe and simple to assemble made it a great buy.