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Feeding and Weaning - Breastpumps (manual)

Ameda, Purely Yours Ultra

Ameda, Purely Yours Ultra review

RRP: £299.00
Lightweight: yes
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The “purely yours ultra” offers you the flexibility you need with 3 sizes flanges. It is really convenient as it is lightweight, portable and can operate on 6 AA batteries. The HygieniKit™ Milk Collection System features a patented diaphragm that prevents milk from entering the hard-to-clean tubing and pump motor. The HygieniKit is dishwasher safe and can even convert to a manual pump. It includes a coll’n carry tote, a car adaptater.

What the Media Says...

 I was so impressed with all of the customizable features that the Purely Yours Ultra had! I could adjust the strength and speed separately allowing for 32 different settings. I know that as my baby changes so will the pump. Also the custom fit flanges provided a range of options to also adapt throughout the breastfeeding period. It comes with a HygieniKit, Cool N Carry, car adapter, and can run on batteries so I am also ready to go. Plus the bag is functional but still stylish.  

Breastpumpdeals.com 5/5

 This pump has been invaluable to me. If you are considering buying a breast pump, you should think about getting the Ameda Purely Yours Ultra because it really works well. There are a lot of accessories included with the pump, which makes it easier to find the right setup for your breast size, etc. I ended up using the standard size flanges, but it's great that the pump came with other sizes too. The milk storage tote is a nice plus also; I use it all the time. It could maybe be a little cheaper, but you pay for what you get sometimes, and in this case it was worth the $$$. 

breastpumpdirect.com 5/5


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