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Feeding and Weaning - Bottles

Born Free, BPA-Free Bottles

Born Free, BPA-Free Bottles review

RRP: £6.99

Born Free bottles are BPA-free plastic bottles, complete with an innovative venting system that helps eliminate colic symptoms. The bottles come in two sizes 160ml and 260ml in two or four packs.  Each bottle comes with a level 1 teat, sealing disk, and a cover.  


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What the Media Says...

 After reading about the dangers of chemicals such as Bisphenol A in the manufacture of plastic feeding bottles I was very concerned about using them to feed my baby. I wanted an alternative and could not find anything in the shops. Then I was introduced to BornFree glass bottles - I absolutely love them! Not only do they give me peace of mind but my baby feeds well, he is less windy and they do not leak. With excellent products, a speedy delivery and efficient customer service I will certainly be ordering more BornFree products in the future. I highly recommend them! 

amazon.co.uk 5/5

 We tried several bottles for my mostly breastfed daughter and this by far was the best. Other bottles leaked or the flow was too fast. The flow has been perfect on this one. The only small downside is there are a lot of parts to clean, but not as many as the Dr. Browns!

Lilaguide.com 5/5


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  • Rating: 9.0 / 10
      kerrywren, Mother of 3, Essex
    14 Sep 2010 10:24am

    I actually liked the old fashioned style of the Born Free bottle and the texture of the plastic from smooth and comfortable to hold. It was a very useful product as bottles if not breast feeding are essential!  The colour of the plastic did make it look dirty to start with. The bottle was heavier than the tommee tippees I use and my daughter had just got used to feeding herself by holding the bottle and found this hard with the born free. There was no grip.

    I found that if the twins fell asleep whilst feeding i did not need to worry about waking to wind as it did not seem a problem. Before the twins have woken after falling asleep with trapped wind.  I think it is a great bottle to use from birth especially because babies are more colicy then.

    I felt that they did ease colic symtoms. I found that they drank more slowly and were not as windy as before. It they were is was relieved very quickly.

  • Rating: 7.5 / 10
      smiler123, Mother of 1, Merseyside
    4 Aug 2010 9:28pm

    I realy liked this product the first few times just as good as other ones, the only down side was all the parts and the height of the 9oz bottle is a little to large for my tommee tippee steamer. The range of teat sizes is fab though and if you don't find a little more fuss washing and getting the botle together I recommend this product.

  • Rating: 6.5 / 10
      Catherina, Mother of 1, Suffolk
    1 Jul 2010 11:17am

    When I first opened the packaging I found it all quite bewildering, to see so many parts - but you soon get used to it!  It makes you feel better as a parent that these bottles are BPA free and that thay are leak proof and reduce colic and gas!

    I liked the shape of the actual bottles, making it nice and easy to hold.  I have used the same brand of bottles (AVENT) in the past for both my children so nearly 2 years now, and to be honest I would probably stick with them, my baby ( 15 weeks) definately prefers them!  Overall a good product but not good enough for me to change!
    Easy to assemble  2/5
    Leakproof  5/5
    Easy to use  3/5
    Easy to clean  3/5

  • Rating: 10.0 / 10
      Harrysmummy, Mother of 1, Oxfordshire
    23 Jun 2010 10:33am

    I was surprised upon receiving the Born Free bottle how well it looked, as from looking i could tell this was a good bottle..it seemed thicker than other bottles (not squishy like some others) and the lid fit well.

    On our first use the measurement guide was very easy to read (nice big numbers), the wide neck of the bottle was helpful when adding powder. The range of teats that are available for this bottle is useful has every baby is different in the required flow they need, i firstly used level 3 6 months plus has i was testing this product on a baby that age but found it a little fast so i switched to the level 2 3-6 months flow. 

    We had no problems with milk coming out of his mouth and the feed went down well. Baby seemed to settle better at night using this bottle and had no upset tummy from wind. The anti colic valve does work and also is very easy to put together and it cleans really well.

    I also noticed that the bottle did not leak once whilst in the bag again i have had this with others. I would recommend this to anyone bottle feeding and myself have bought more of these, has i have been using these a few weeks and look like they did the day i first used them- no scratches or marks- they are really fantastic. Knowing these bottles are BPA - free is peace of mind to any parent too, bottles that are not BPA-free are feared to may cause breast cancer, heart disease, obesity, hyperactivity and other disorder. These bottles are great value for money RRP £13.99 for two.