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Feeding and Weaning - Bottles

Avent, Feeding Bottles

Avent, Feeding Bottles review

RRP: £5.50

Avent makes a fairly widely available range of feeding bottles (BPA-free) and is a great low cost start if you are expressing or bottlefeeding.  The bottles have a unique air flow system that is meant to reduce bubbles in your baby's tummy or colic-like symtoms. The bottles have a separate adapter which allows you to attach them directly to a breast pump (manual or electric). The teats come in a variety of sizes based on age and the bottles come in 125ml or 260ml sizes.

What the Media Says...

 Great bottle, doesn't have fiddly bits to assemble, so is easy to use and clean.  It also feels durable, but the lid seemed to expand slightly over time, causing a slight leak. 

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  • Rating: 10.0 / 10
      popsickle, Mother of 1, Cumbria
    6 Feb 2011 8:49am
    I think Avent bottles are great, reasonably priced & easy to use. Anti colic teats too.
  • Rating: 5.0 / 10
      Abi, Mother of 2, Oxfordshire
    31 Mar 2010 11:19pm

    I had to top my baby up with expressed breast milk when he was newborn as he was not taking enough directly from the breast. I have the manual Avent breast pump which came with a couple of bottles, but I found that my baby had difficulty drinking from these bottles when combined with breastfeeding. He was much more comfortable with the bottles shaped more like a breast. However, had my baby taken to them I would have used the Avent bottles are they are good quality and attach directly to the breast pump.