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Feeding and Weaning - Baby Training Cups

Born Free, BornFree Baby Cup

Born Free, BornFree Baby Cup review
  • Born Free, BornFree Baby Cup review
  • Born Free Baby Drinking Cup
  • Born Free Baby Drinking Cup
  • Born Free Baby Drinking Cup

RRP: £6.99

These baby drinking cups have soft silicone teats, as well as the same inner valve and air vent mechanism as the Born Free bottles to minimise the hard sucking required by your baby.  The cups come in multiple colours and have an removeable handle.  The bottles are dishwasher safe and are made from BPA Free plastic.


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  • Rating: 10.0 / 10
      babyhugo, Mother of 1, Surrey
    22 Sep 2010 11:03am
    My little boy found it very easy to hold, either with just one hand or both. And he fed a lot quicker than using a normal teated bottle too. I found it easy to clean and due to large pieces easy to put back together again.
    I do have one possible down side - it may just be a coincidence and because of this I am taking my little boy to the doctors to get checked out. But I have been using these bottles for the last couple of weeks and in this time I have noticed that my little boy is more susceptible to high noises.. just hearing a violin playing makes him cry and he has been pulling and rubbing his ears in the last few days as well. I am not saying its caused by these bottles, as I have no idea how it could happen, but seeing as it was mentioned to help prevent inner ear infection and now my little boy seems to have a problem with his ears, I thought it would be good to mention.
  • Rating: 8.0 / 10
      charzywarzy, Mother of 1, Hertfordshire
    26 Jun 2010 11:08am
    To give it a fair test for 1 day I did not use any other bottles that Oscar uses to see how much he would consume. I filled one up with water and one with milk. At the end of the day I found Oscar did not drink as much milk from the Born Free training cup as he would from his normal valved bottle, despite his many attempts. Oscar used the rubber teat as a chew toy for most of the time as I think it was unfamiliar when compared to a bottle. At first I found the bottles to dribble a little bit, and they were a bit big for my changing bag. As this was a training cup Oscar is used to free-flowing beakers, but we used this one when out and about to avoid messy & wet clothes and it helped as there was very little spillage. Oscar found the cup to be a little large and when it was filled with water he couldn't lift it up high so maybe a smaller version to take on travels would be handier. In regards to helping colic, my baby does not suffer from this, but did find he didn't have as much wind when drinking.
    Marks out of 10:
    Bottles and cups
    Leakproof  4/5 - dribbled a little in changing bag
    Easy to use  4/5 - a little large when full for baby to lift up to suck
    Easy to clean  4/5 - not easy to clean the bottles, but free bottle cleaners that were provided helped.
    Easy to assemble  4/5 - on first attempts without instructions was confused as to which way round and where the valve part went.