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Little Clothing Company, Box Upon a Time

Little Clothing Company, Box Upon a Time review

Cost: £29-£69 per box
Frequency: Monthly, quarterly or one off subscription
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This new subscription box service offers parents a new personal shopping experience. Aimed at parents of children aged 0-3, they will receive a monthly or quarterly box of stylish clothing, tailored specifically for their child which has been hand-picked by an experienced personal stylist.

Each box contains the best premium childrens wear brands from across the globe, offering up to 60% off the retail value of the clothing. The concept behind Box Upon a Time is to offer parents a selection of premium brands from across Europe, which just don't have the main stream brand awareness in the UK. With over 60 childrens wear brands currently including Their Nibs, Marmalade & Mash, Fina Ejerique, David Charles, Point a la Ligne, Egg by Susan Lazar, Diesel, Toby Tiger, Picalily, Nohi Kids plus many more.

Getting a subscription started is simple, the parent or gift giver  fills out relevant information about the child’s age and sex and completes a quick fashion questionnaire to determine their fashion profile. Based on these results, Box Upon a Time’s stylists hand-pick a personalised and beautifully curated selection of branded baby or children’s garments to suit the shopper’s style, which will be elegantly packed and delivered direct to the recipient’s door each month or quarter.

There are three types of boxes to choose from as either a monthly or quarterly subscription or as a one-off gift.

The Silver Box, (£29 per box,) offers 2 to 3 garments worth £50-£60 with up to 50% off retail prices   
The Gold Box, (£49 per box,) offers 3 to 4 garments worth £80-£120, with up to 60% off retail prices   
The Platinum Box, (£69 per box,) offers 3 to 5 garments from luxury brands worth £120-£170, with up to 60% off retail prices



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