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Positive Mama Hypnobirthing

Hypnobirthing antenatal courses in North London, taught by Andrea Halvorsen, KG hypnobirthing practitioner, recognised by the royal college of midwifes and mother of three. Join one of my hypnobirthing courses, group or private, and get ready to give birth to your baby in calm and comfort. Some benefits of hypnobirthing: 

  • Facilitates calm and positive births
  • Reduces the need for pain relief
  • Often shortens the length of labour
  • Reduces the chance of tearing
  • Babies show less distress in labour and birth
  • Babies tend to establish breastfeeding quicker
  • Babies are often calmer and sleep better
  • Gives birth partners an active role in labour and birth
  • Provides the tools to be a confident and supportive partner in pregnancy, birth and parenthood

Labour and birth can be quiet unpredictable, my hypnobirthing course provides you with the tools to stay calm and in control whatever path your birth might take. Your body, Your birth, Your choice.

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