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Current Location: SW1W 8EL

Antenatal Classes

Mindful Mamma

Mindful Mamma is an antenatal class that teaches you why your state of mind affects the sensations in your body during labour. You'll learn a range of relaxation, self-hypnosis and practical techniques to help you work as team towards the birth you want. This class focusses on normal birth, we don't talk about what could go wrong, we focus on teaching you how it can go right.

Sophie Fletcher is a registered with the HypnoBirthing Institute and has trained in many different forms of hypnosis for birth based on mind/body. After this class both mum-to-be and her partner can be confident and much more aware of how you are in control of your birth. See our website for dates of classes in Grantham and Nottingham, testimonials and some lovely birth stories.

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