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First Aid Courses

Private First Aid Courses

Private First Aid Courses

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Private First Aid courses for parents, grandparents and babysitters


Private First Aid classes can be booked to take place in the comfort of your own home with your family and friends. These courses are particularly popular with new mums (parents, grandparents, babysitters) and NCT Groups.

We recommend a class size of no more than 12 and encourage mothers to bring their babies.

The course is run in a very practical manner and teaches you essential first aid including basic life support. Our trainers equip you with the knowledge and confidence of how to recognise and respond when a baby or child is choking, stops breathing or is unresponsive, along with a number of other first aid topics (listed below).

The course by an experienced and highly-skilled medic.

Classes can be organised to take place in the daytime, evening or weekend. Everyone who attends the course is provided with a comprehensive paediatric first aid manual and training aids. There is time at the end of the course for any questions.

The course covers the following subjects and is run over 2 hours (plus half hour break):

  • Unconscious Not Breathing (CPR) – Child and Baby
  • Unconscious Breathing (Recovery Position) – Child and Baby
  • Choking
  • Burns
  • Head Injuries
  • Meningitis
  • Febrile Convulsions



First Aid for Schools

Ofsted-compliant courses for nannies

- ensure your nanny knows how to respond in a first aid emergency:

First Aid for Schools run Ofsted-Compliant courses for nannies. The course is run over 6 hours (plus lunch/breaks), with a maximum of 10 candidates per course.

This course is structured using active-participation methods – we believe learning is most effective when our candidates actively take part in the course – not merely sitting and listening!

The classes are taught in a relaxed environment and include refreshments (teas/coffees/juices, home-baked biscotti and fruit). The fees include a certificate, manual and training aids. We are able to provide handouts in a number of languages and a translator, on request.

Up-coming courses - held in East Finchley – 2 mins walk from the Northern Line

  • Sunday 20th May (10am start)
  • Sunday 24th June (10am start)
  • Sunday 22nd July (10am start)
  • Sunday 26th August (10am start)

    Location: 90B High Road, London N2 9EB



First Aid for Schools