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Current Location: SW1W 8EL

Complementary Health Centre

Richford Gate Primary Care Centre

Richford Gate Primary Care Centre, Richford Street, London, London

Cranial osteopathy, homeopathy, hypnotherapist for painfree childbirth.

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  • Rated 1.0 / 5
    20 May 2011 11:11pm
    Good location for me, generally clean, there are a couple of good doctors, however, overall this surgery is a disaster. I dread every visit. They constantly make mistakes. Recently they have been sending confidential information intended for me to my neighbours' address. I always put off going there as long as I can. But as I never have time to transfer to another surgery, I end up going back. Today I was referred for a scan, but they forgot to put a date on the referral and so I ended up making a wasted trip to the hospital, and something like this happens every time! I can't recall a time when there wasn't some major cock-up ranging from mistakes with appointments to losing important records. Automatic phone booking system never works. Appointments are only available at inconvenient times if at all. Never got to see GPs of choice. Never saw any GP more than once. They use locum doctors a lot. My advise would be to to stay well away from this surgery.