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The Essential Baby Care Guide

Parenting advice DVD with everything you need to know about raising babies up untill the a year of age.

 Parenthood is a journey of discovery for many new parents. The first year will bring a lot of challenges that can be easy to overcome if you have the right information. That’s why The Essential Parent Company have come up with The Essential Baby Care Guide DVDs to give you all the information you need to know about caring for your baby. 

The Essential Parent Company was started by, Diana Hill, Director and Series Producer at the BBC, specialising in science programs and Rebecca Chicot who has a doctorate in Child Development and Psychology from Cambridge University. Both Hill and Chicot are parents and have created a series of DVD’s to provide parents with information often not readily available to new parents.
The Baby Care Guide consists of 4 DVDs with 8 hours of content. The first section contains information on feeding from breastfeeding to formula to solids. The second disc is about care and development, the third focuses on sleeping and the 4th on first Aid. The guide has been advised and narrated by Grandad, father and baby expert Professor Robert Winston and features advice from various paediatirc professionals. Parents feature on each of the tutorials and add their experiences with the help of their little ones to create an entertaining and visual experience with plenty of quality information. 
Each DVD contains 2 hours of content and priced at £10 each. The set of 4 DVDs are £35. They are available to buy at any John Lewis stores, Amazon and on the company website.  
For more information see www.essentialparent.com/baby-care-guide


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