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Don't get caught out after dark without your Buggi Lights

As the nights are drawing in you may be wishing you had a little extra visibility for your buggy when out of an evening or early morning.

These adorable ladybird Buggi Lights are a fun and simple way to make your buggy more visible after dusk or in the early mornings (now that winter months are well and truly upon us).

Buggi Lights were launched in January 2013 and were the brainchild of  Anna and Tom, whose son Sam at - three months old was still a very long way from sleeping through the night. Every afternoon they would take him for a walk to help him nod off to sleep, but found that by the time they left the house at around 3pm it was already starting to get dark. Despite the street lights, Anna and Tom didn't feel quite safe pushing a black buggy in front of them in the dark, and decided they needed lights. Everything else had lights - bikes, cars, mobility scooters, but not their buggy with their precious son Sam inside.

And so the idea for Buggi Lights was born, with Tom coming up with the idea of using colourful ladybirds that have a simple strap to easily attach them to the buggy.

Aside from being a clever little safety device, these little glowing ladybirds look fun, so your children will like them on their buggies and they are also ideal as scooter lights or bike lights for children over the age of three. Each pack contains two easy to clip on Buggi Lights, one white light to face forward and one red light to face backwards, with three flash settings.

For more information visit buggilights.com. Buggi Lights can be purchased through their website and are also stocked at Hippychick, Boots and Amazon.


 Buggi Lights

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