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Weleda Calendula Bath

Ensuring your baby or toddler sleeps peacefully through the night can be tricky, but a nice warm bath is something that can help. Indeed, the product you use in your child’s bath can mean the difference between simply cleaning your child, or improving the quality of your child’s sleep. Although there are many bath oils and ointments in the market, Weleda has introduced a natural product that is cunningly different, Calendula Bath.

Weleda Calendula

This ointment combines pure plant extracts like thyme, which soothes a number of infant troubles such as indigestion, coughs and colds. Its peaty colour may look uninviting but Calendula Bath has a soothing and calming effect and its aromatic fragrance from essential oils like lavender and pine, help create a calm atmosphere that prepares your child for a good night’s sleep.

Grown organically by Weleda, golden calendula petal extract, also a key ingredient, is good for sensitive skin and it has wound healing properties that can help soothe dry and irritated skin from nappy rash.

Calendula Bath is a product that can not only improve the quality of sleep for an infant, but it also helps sleep-deprived parents get a good nights sleep too.

Weleda Calendula Bath is available from independent health stores and pharmacies, or from the online store at www.weleda.co.uk. Call 0115 944 822 for mail order or stockist information.

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