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Pregnancy and Birth

New Huggies nappies with cut-out for umbilical cord

Same as your regular newborn's nappy - but shaped to fit around the umbilical cord, not over it. This simple change will keep newborns cleaner and belly buttons happier.

Huggies have launched a newborn nappy with a cut-away section at the front to accommodate the umbilical cord and clip.  It sounds like an obvious innovation and is therefore sure to be a popular choice for a mum's hospital bag.

The design allows the skin to breathe better, preventing bacterial build-up and potential infection that can sometimes lead to re-hospitalisation of a baby. Huggies researchers found that 7 out of 10 parents who tried this new nappy found their baby’s belly button healed quickly and easily.

The first nappies are already filtering onto supermarket shelves and will be widely available by the end of the summer.  We also have 5 sample packs for Baby Directory readers to test - so if you're due in the next week or so, drop us an email with your name and address and we'll post them out.

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